Guys who traveled with us…



“We connected with Marton on the last day of our 9 day trip in Medellin, and we learned much more about the area and about Guatapé than we would’ve on our own. He is very knowledgeable about the area and we really enjoyed the laid-back pace of a small tour. Very fair prices for all you get: transportation, food, and lots of interesting information about the gorgeous Lake Guatapé and the village. I would definitely highly recommend Marton’s excellent services for anyone looking to maximize their experience while in the amazing country of Colombia!” (Hannah Smith, Seattle, WA)




“Traveling with Paisa Adventures is the perfect way to discover the hidden beauty of Colombia. We’re really into architecture and history, and after meeting Marton in Medellín he suggested we go to Santa Fe de Antioquia, a beautifully-preserved 16th pueblo just an hour and a half from Medellín. Marton’s itinerary for the one-day tour is packed full of fun and imaginative activities. But at the same time, he was flexible when we wanted to spend more time strolling through the town’s quaint streets and admiring the colonial-style architecture. Marton’s knowledge of all things Colombian is mind-blowing, he really is the perfect guide. All in all, highly recommended!” (Simon Brooks, London, UK)





“I’m really glad I’ve decided to have my Colombia trip organised by Márton and Paisa Adventures. This was indeed a journey, had the chance to experience the beautiful Caribbean cost, the stunning Andes mountains and the vibrant nightlife in Medellin amongst others. I really believe, without him I’ve not been able to get to places I loved so much during our stay. His knowledge about the country’s past and present and the various stories offered another dimension and will make this trip truly unforgettable. I would definitely recommend everyone to book his services, lay back and just enjoy amazing Colombia.” (M. Scheidler, Hungary)




“Before I came to Colombia, didn’t know what to expect, of course I’ve heard all the preconceptions, even my friends were worried about the idea me coming to that country and stay for longer period to study the language. Márton has been living in Medellin for 3 years now, knows all the corners and secrets not only of the city but the whole country as well. Without his help I would not have been able to settle down that quickly. My only concern when I came here was being alone as a girl might not be as safe as e.g. in Hungary, however it is still a very pleasant surprise how nice the people are here, even when they see me in the street looking for the right direction, they approach and help with a wide smile on their face 🙂 In the past 2 months, walking alone home, going to football matches, travelling by bus, never ever had any bad experience (in spite of the preconceptions you can read/hear from people who have never been here before….). Paisa Adventures also took care of all the organizations around our trip to San Andrés, Santa Fe, and sightseeing in Medellin. Thanks to them we got the best deals, and it was always very well organized in order to see the most important sights. Even they were able to provide interesting information about economy, politics, history of the country that you cannot necessarily read in the tourist books:) Huge Thanks to Márton and Paisa Adventure that they made my life much easier here, and that I still can count on them whenever I need.” (J. Ban, Hungary)




cenk“This trip was truly amazing! Márton and his team made it even better. We had a chance to discover the beautiful Caribbean coast! One of the most beautiful thing in this trip was the Andes mountains they took us. The place was simply wonderful – surrounding with the forests, we really found the chance to relax. Also I should mention that Medellin would not be so much fun without them. These guys know where to go, drink, shop, eat and party! You just need to let them know what you are looking for in your trip. Also they are well informed about the country. They truly love this country and Medellin that they can tell you a lot of stories about the past and present. It is recommended to book a trip with Paisa Adventures.” (C.Serovaogullari, Turkey)