We can offer you a wide range of one-to-three-day trips from Medellín by car (for 1-4 people). For more details and special offers please click on the below links:





Santa Fe de Antioquia (80 km from Medellin)

Just one hour on the road from Medellín you’ll get to the state’s former capital, Santa Fé de Antioquia. Founded in 1541, this beautifully preserved colonial pueblo is bursting with character and history. Stroll through cobbled streets, chat to friendly locals and see for yourself the Colombia of bygone days. But be warned, it gets hot here, so don’t forget your sun lotion! You also can chill in a pool during the hottest hours, or check out the Cauca River and cross the Old Bridge, visit a vineyard nearby at the riverbank.

Guatapé (80 km from Medellin)

Visit the second biggest rock in Latin America – the 22 million cubic meter Piedra del Peñol. Climb the 800 steps to the top for amazing views of the surrounding lakes. You can also stroll through the colorful streets of charming Guatapé, or just follow the directions to the malecón where you can hire a boat, jetski or a flyboard to explore the lakes…

San Rafael (110 km from Medellin)

Just the perfect spot for ecotourism: hiking, waterfalls, swimming in the river, mountain bike tours, horseback riding. rivier fishing. Stay a night in a beautiful hotel at the riverbank, enjoy the nature, the birds, butterflies, monkeys. You will have the feeling that you would never want to go back to the big city…

Jardín de Antioquia (130 km from Medellin)

The road to Jardín is an experience: beautiful nature, mountains, forrests, and very light traffic. Also you can see an enormous natural pyramid. At the edge of the coffee zone hides Jardín, a beautiful and relaxed colonial village. Coffee farms around, water falls, horseback riding tours, hiking. Tourists wont really bother you here to chill and enjoy the layback lifestyle of Paisas. Its worth to spend a night in this authentic village, and sit on the main square and have a beer with locals who gather to discuss the day’s highlights and gossips.

San Carlos (150 km from Medellin)

San Carlos is a hidden secret even from the paisas from Medellin. 3,5 hours on the road from the big city, its worth to spend one or two nights in this tranquil small village to enjoy the nature, the waterfalls and the kindness of local people, who havent seen many tourists around before…