A beautiful coral island in the Caribbean Sea just 200 kilometers east of Nicaragua, San Andrés is must-see for all you beach lovers! Part of an archipelago that includes Providencia and Santa Catalina, the islands are surrounded by what Colombians call the “Mar de Siete Colores”, or “Seven Colored Sea”, due to the variations in water depth. San Andrés boasts spectacular reefs, crystal-clear waters, a rich biodiversity and perhaps the friendliest people in all of Colombia!


cocolocoThere’s plenty to do on San Andrés: wile away the day on soft, white sand beaches, snorkel and dive in the Seven Colored Sea, swim with stingrays, visit the Seaquarium and Captain Morgan’s pirate museum, drink Coco Loco cocktails fresh from coconuts and explore the island in a golf buggy. For those who enjoy their watersports, try kite surfing, windsurfing or jet skiing, then treat yourself to freshly caught Caribbean lobster, snapper, crab and snail…all washed down with ice cold Club Colombia. It’s also worth visiting the first Baptist Church in Latin America, which is located on the top of the island’s highest hill. A climb to the top of tower will give you an amazing view of the whole of San Andrés.